Abstract Submission deadline: September 12th 2022

Submit your abstract here

Welcome to the abstract submitting process for 45th International Dexeus Forum, Barcelona. Participants are encouraged to submit an abstract for review by the Scientific Committee, which reserves the right to select the abstracts relevant to the Forum Program.
The Committee will accept a maximum of 1 abstract for poster display per presenting author.
Each participant must be on-site to actively participate as a presenter.
Abstracts will be evaluated through a blind review process.

Before submitting your abstract, please read carefully the abstract submission regulations and guidelines. You will be able to update and/or make changes to your submitted abstract until the submission deadline date.

If you have any questions, please contact the secretariat at dexeusforum@atlantagrupo.com.

Abstract submission regulations and guidelines

1st step)

The presenting and main author has to be the one who submits the abstract and needs to be registered. Keep in mind that the username and password you provided in the congress registration will be the one you must use to submit the abstract.

Data to be prepared before you start the abstract submission process:

· Title of the abstract
· Content of the abstract. Abstracts are limited to 250 words. Be aware that abstracts evaluation will be through a blind review, so please do not include names or details of the authors, only the scientific content.
· To have decided who will be the main and presenting author
· Family names and First Name of all authors
· Details of affiliation of all author(s); institution, city, country
· Contact details of the presenting author (email and / or cellphone)

2nd step)

Select «Submit abstracts» and use user & password provided for your registration.

3rd step)

Fill in all the blanks:

Topic, select from the list
Abstract content has to be included in the text box, excluding any author’s information.
Abstracts cannot exceed 250 words.
Please consider Author#1 as the Presenter.

4th step)

The Scientific Committee will consider all the abstracts as a Poster
If you have any problem to submit your abstract, please contact us at dexeusforum@atlantagrupo.com


Abstracts exceeding the expected length or adding any author information, will be rejected.
Must be submitted in English
Only 1 abstract per author